Our team

Jon “Pollo” Galpern - joined Iconic Protein as the first hire, worked side by side with the CEO to grow the business while leading sales, where he secured and managed 250+ clients (e.g. Kroger, GNC, Safeway). In his tenure, he also managed award-winning product redesigns and expanded the company's retailer service area from 70 to 2000 stores nationwide. He’s currently writing an expanded short film based off his Geronimo Juices story, with an anticipated July shooting date.

Austin “Leche” Crouse - studied film production and economics in college. His senior thesis was on film tax incentives, and he wrote and shot short films as a part of his classes. He’s prepared to dive in headfirst as a creative. His current work at 4.0 Schools, a local incubator, is focused on helping new education ventures get their start. He's coached over 50 nascent brands to tell their story for investment, grants, and customers. In addition, his experience has given him access to a large network of startups in NOLA and beyond.